6 Essential Facial Care Tips for Soft Skin in Winter

The mercury has fallen considerably, causing the temperature in the house to rise and we often take a warmer shower as well – all of which has an impact on the delicate skin on your face. If you have a combination to oily skin in the summer, this can change to normal skin or even dry spots in the winter. Time for a switch in your care routine! We share the 6 best tips to prevent your skin from feeling dry, flaky and tight this winter.

1. Scrub sparingly

We all know why exfoliating is essential for your skin: removing dead skin cells stimulates the production of new cells and improves the absorption of the nourishing ingredients of products. But winter temperatures make your skin more vulnerable; keep scrubbing but do this less often!

  • Combined to oily skin? Scrub once a week
  • Dry skin? Scrub once every 2 weeks or skip scrubbing in the winter and pick it up again in the spring

We can’t say it often enough, but never use a body scrub on your face! The granules are too coarse, so opt for a mild facial scrub that has a finer structure.

Facial care in winter

2. The layered approach

Winter calls for more layering – for both clothing and facial care! The “stacking” of products creates a better barrier between your skin and the cold ambient temperature, so that moisture remains better trapped in the skin. Facial oils are perfect to apply under your daily cream – both during the day and at night. And pamper yourself more often with a nourishing mask for an extra boost.

Tip: exchange the light day cream or lotion you use in the summer for a slightly oilier version with more nourishing ingredients – your face will thank you!

Essential Facial Care Tips for Soft Skin in Winter

3. Sleep is always good

Literally sleeping beautiful – who wouldn’t want that? Nights are ideal for giving your face extra nourishment, because the skin absorbs more nutrients at rest. In addition to your usual night cream, you can also opt for serums that are packed with things your skin loves – such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

4. Cleanse more gently

See it like this: Cold temperatures and dry air cause moisture to evaporate from the skin faster, making it feel drier – facial cleansers can make this process worse. This requires an adjustment: in the winter, do not use cleansing tonics and opt for a mild face wash, cleansing water or a rich cleansing oil.

5. Lip-a-licious

Lips are a prominent part of your face – so take good care of them. Remove dead skin cells and flakes by scrubbing weekly. You can easily do this with a soft manual toothbrush; wet it and move with circulating movements over the lips. Or make a simple lip scrub by mixing honey and a little sugar. Scrubbed lips allow your lip care to do its job better, resulting in silky soft lips.

6. Harmful factors

The sun may appear less often in winter, but the air still contains enough UV radiation to cause damage. Therefore, use a sun protection factor in winter. You can apply a thin layer after applying your day cream and before putting on your makeup, or opt for convenience with a nourishing day cream with SPF.

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