Beauty Secrets at Home : Banana Peel for Face and Skin Care

Nowadays everyone’s focus is corona virus all over the world. We are having tough days because of that virus. But despite all these difficulties we have experience, we shouldn’t neglect that our personal care. Being carefull about personal care is not only good for our health but also provide good mood to us as well. Having a good mood make strong our immune system. We should have a powerfull immune system for fight aganist to corona virus.

In today’s article, we share with you some beauty tips that is cheap, effective ways also everbody can use easily at home.

Beauty tips about banana peel: Is it good to rub banana peel on your face?

Have you heard about the effects of banana peel on beauty before? The peels of this wonderful fruit as well are as useful as itself.

These days that everybody is at home because of corona virus. We you can get help for your beauty from banana peel.

Banana peel for acne treatment

Banana peel is one of the most natural ways to get rid of acnes and blemishes that on the skin.

If you’re having acne or blemish problems, try rubbing the inside of the banana peel over your acnes or blemishes.

Banana peel moisturizes the dry skin

Banana peels have antioxidants, fatty acids and zinc. Because of these qualifications banana peels are became a great products that can use for eczema, psora, acne treatment an and even protect from sun burn.

On the other hand, banana peels include potassium that help moisturize to dry skin. You can moisturize your skin by rubbing to inside of banana peel over skin. However, you should be carefull about that you shouldn’t rubb the banana peel on your supraorbital. Because our supraorbital is the one of most sensitive part on our skin.

Banana peel demolishes to verrucas

Banana peel is also pretty effective for treating verrucas. You pare of banana peel from top to bottom and then seperate the part of inside the banana peel and crush. By mixing it with petroleum jelly apply to area that has verruce. You should repeat this process every day until the verruce is gone.

Banana Pell for Skin Care

Does banana peel really whiten teeth?

Nearly everybody knows that banana peel has a whitening effect. You rubb your teeth with inside part of banana peel during a few minutes. And then you rinse your teeth with only water. If you want have White teeth, you should repeat this process everyday.

Banana is a miracle for your skin

Besides having a great taste, banana has wonderful miracles for the skin. If you are one of those who prefer natural and cheap methods to beautify, you should definitely try using banana peels as above. we are sure you will be satisfied with the results. Lets try!

How can I use banana peel on my face? Face masks that include banana

Banana face mask for oily skins

You will definitely like this face mask with banana. It will refresh your skin and clear your face easily from bad oils. Lemon is perfect for cleansing.


1 banana, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of oats.


You should first grind a ripe banana. Then you will add lemon juice inside it. And of course, oats and some honey. You should mix it along 10 minutes. Now you need to apply it to your face carefully. You will wait 15 minutes, and then you can wash your skin.

Banana face mask that lightens skin color and eliminates black spots

This face mask is for reducing dark spots on the skin. Honey in the mask has a lightening effect on the skin and eliminates bacteria that can cause acne. In addition, it moisturizes your skin without making it oily. Lemon juice softens skin color and lightens dark skin.


1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1 banana.


Crush a ripe banana in a bowl until smooth. Add honey and lemon juice. Wash and dry your face with soap before applying the mask on the face. Apply the mask gently to your face. You can apply another layer to allow it to penetrate well. Leave the mixture on your face for 15 minutes, wash your face with warm water and dry it with a towel. Keep the mixture away from your eyes because it contains lemon.

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