Butt Aesthetics/ Types&Prices 2020

It is an important surgery for body shaping, which gives the human butt the desired round shape and starts with a smooth transition from the waist part without any indent on the skin, becomes plumper in the middle and lower part, and has a sharp and also deep separation between the lower part and the leg transition. Nowadays, the increasing demand of a smooth and tight butt, leads people to butt aesthetic surgery.

Reasons for Butt Aesthetics

Thin people have also got a flat butt. If these people want a plumped butt while wearing jeans, butt aesthetics is the best for them. In addition, significant sagging and flattening occurs in the butt area when significant weight is gained or lost. In order to get rid of them, butt aesthetics may be the solution. Another reason for butt aesthetics is the genetic factors. Due to the genetic body shape, an undesired butt shape may occur. In order to fix this, a butt aesthetic operation can be done.

Techniques in Butt Aesthetics

1) Stitch Butt Lift :

Stitches are made in order to lift the butt and create an attracting look. Although it gives an incredible appearance to the butt in the beginning, it loses its influence in a short time like three months. Patients are looking for a more durable and permanent solutions for butt issues. For this reason, it is not a preferred technique in terms of butt aesthetics.

2) Silicone Butt Replacement Surgery:

With the surgical cut made from the region where both butt halves meet, a pocket is created in both butt halves. Silicone prostheses are placed in these pockets. Therefore, sitting and standing up get dangerous for a short time period after the operation. General anesthesia is applied in the butt aesthetic surgery. The operation of the butt aesthetic surgery takes approximately 2.5 – 3 hours to be conducted. Due to the place where the surgical cut is made, the risk of inflammation is high. Thus, hygiene is very important after surgery.

3) Pop Shaping Butt with Oil Injection:

This is the most natural method among all other methods. However, after about 1.5 years, some of the adipose tissue is lost. If there is a reserve, it can be repeated after the procedure. Besides, new methods have been developed with recent studies on oil injection. Thus, the probability of the fat cells to be permanent is increased. General anesthesia is used in the Butt shaping with oil injection operation. The average operation time is 1.5 hours. To wear a special corset for about 2 weeks is necessary.

Butt Lift

4) Pop Growing Butt Filling:

Beautifying the butt with fillings has become a popular choice now. Having a round and shaped butt is now very easy with these fillings. In addition, the demand for both aesthetic surgery and plastic surgery has increased. The prices have been questioned since the demand is high. However, in this plastic surgery, the selection of a specialist is more significant than the price. In order to prevent any irreversible results with wrong surgical interventions for the sake of beauty extra attention should be paid.

Prices in Butt Aesthetics

The butt aesthetic prices differ depending on the analysis performed by the special aesthetic experts. The patient’s body, butt area, the chosen method, and the health circumstances of the patient are considered while setting a price. The surgical procedures and planning is done after the necessary examinations. After the examinations, the prices can be set by the expert.

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