Calories in Avocado: Is Avocado good for weight loss?

Avocado is a pear-shaped fruit with a rich creamy taste. It has attracted attention in health circles because of its high good fat content and extremely low cholesterol level. It is a fruit native to Mexico, Guam and Central America. There are many types of avocados.It is often used in raw or salads. Many people think it is a weight-loss food due to its high calorie content. However, it contains fewer calories compared to avocados, butter, and other high-calorie diet items. Most of the fat content comes from unique sources such as phytoterols, which are beneficial for health.

Avocado Calories

The number of calories in avocado will depend on its size. The avocado nutrition facts shown are for half of a medium-sized avocado, but many avocados are smaller and some can be much larger (up to 300 grams or more). 

According to the USDA Nutrient Database, there are 322 calories in a larger (200 gram) avocado. In general, an average avocado ranges from 200 to 300 calories according to the Cleveland Clinic.

But regardless of size, you probably wouldn’t eat an entire avocado in a single sitting. So it’s more helpful to look at avocado calories per serving to see how your avocado calories add up

If you spread a thin layer of avocado on your sandwich or add a small amount to your healthy taco you are probably consuming roughly 30 grams or about two tablespoons of fruit. 

Of course, you may not use a tablespoon to measure the fruit. Most of us just slice a wedge or divide the avocado into quarters to get the portion we want.


Avocados are more beneficial when eaten raw. Some of the well-researched and important health benefits of avocados are:

Healthy heart

Beta-sitosterol, found in avocados, helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

High Potassium

High potassium level makes avocado a strong fruit in the fight against hypertension. According to a study, foods rich in potassium can reduce pathogenic calcifications, which are hardening of the arteries. Consuming potassium-rich foods such as avocados and bananas reduces the tension in the blood vessels, regulating blood pressure, which reduces the likelihood of clotting, heart attacks and strokes.

Facilitates Digestion

Avocados are relaxing for the gut and help digestion. They contain fibers that remove. These types of fibers are very important for digestion, because they help collect the feces, ensuring smooth passage of food through the intestines. Moreover, it ensures the adaptation of the stomach and digestive juices, their nutrients are absorbed most effectively and quickly. Finally, the examination of symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea.

Skin and Hair Care

Avocados are full of nutrients that are useful for maintaining healthy skin. It enriches dry, cracked or damaged skin. They are also used in various cosmetic products as they can nourish the skin with essential vitamins and make them radiant. It is also used in the nutrition of dry and damaged hair. Many people use avocados to prepare skin and hair masks.

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