Do You Suffer From a Hangover? This is the Solution, According to German Researchers

What is your ultimate cure for a hangover?German researchers have found the solution against the nausea and headache caused by a hangover, namely :a drink with soluble plant extracts in combination with a minerals. Is there finally a drug that does help against a hangover?

An anti-hangover patch, an anti-hangover pill, a vitamin effervescent tablet and special yoga poses. All remedies that should be the solution for that annoying hangover after a night out. So far nothing seems to help, but will the German research change that?

Plant extracts and minerals as a means

German researchers claim to have a drink with soluble plant extracts in combination with minerals as the solution for nausea and headaches caused by a hangover.

A total of 214 subjects divided into three groups participated in the study. The first group was given the drink with plant extracts and minerals. A second group received only the minerals and the third group received a placebo. All test subjects received the drink 45 minutes before the alcohol and immediately after they stopped.

The study claims that the subjects who drank both the soluble plant extracts and minerals suffered less from the brackishness than the group that only consumed minerals.

‘It seems to work against four symptoms of a hangover’

Frans Russel, Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the RadboudUMC: ‘It is a special study. This is the first time that this is a proper study of a drug that is effective against a hangover, but I doubt whether it is a drug that actually does something against a hangover.

According to Russel, there are big differences in how people react to alcohol. In general, men can process more alcohol than women, because men break down alcohol more quickly. That is why men are less likely to suffer from headaches. ‘

What is striking, according to Russel, is that in the study 45 symptoms of a hangover have been listed. ‘The drug seems to do something for four of those symptoms. That is not very strong statistically. It seems more like a coincidence that the drug works well for a number of symptoms. ‘

‘The flag cannot be lifted yet’

In addition, the remedy contains the herb Salix alba. An herb that has the same effect as an aspirin. Russel: ‘If you give those people a painkiller, I can imagine that they will have less headaches than if you don’t.’

Finally, the relationship in the group with the cure for a hangover is not the same. 65 percent of the group consists of men compared to 35 percent women, while the distribution is the same for the other groups. Russel: ‘On this basis, the flag cannot be lifted yet.’

Many drugs have the so-called placebo effect. This is a suggestive effect based on the assumption that you take away the pain by swallowing that drug. At that moment it is our brain that ensures that we do not feel sick and we can induce our body to suppress the complaints.

Russel: ‘When you drink alcohol excessively, everything happens in so many areas in your body at the same time. That makes it almost impossible to come up with one remedy for all the problems that can arise from a hangover. ‘

Do You Suffer From a Hangover?

What does help?

According to Russel, it helps to eat well during or before drinking a beer or wine. ‘That ensures a full stomach and keeps blood sugar levels up. In general, if you continue to eat while drinking, your stomach is filled and ensures that less alcohol is absorbed into your blood.

Alternating a glass of alcohol with a glass of water can sometimes help. Then the chance that you drink less throughout the evening is much greater. Still, Russel says it is wise to consume alcohol in moderation.

‘A hangover is built-in protection. Your body indicates that you are quite poisoned. That should make you think better next time. ‘ It is therefore better not to have a cure for a hangover, says Russel. ‘That can only promote drinking more and increase the risk of addiction.’

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