Fear of Commitment: What Is It and How Do You Get Rid of It?

For many people, a relationship is a very natural thing. It happens to them, surprises them and they go 100% for the other person. However, there is also a large part where it is not so easy. Some people have issues that attach themselves to others. Do you recognize that in yourself? In that case, there is a chance that you suffer from fear of commitment. You can read about what fear of commitment is and what you can do about it in this article.

What is fear of commitment?

People with commitment anxiety experience anxiety and stress when they notice someone getting too close. They find it difficult to bond with someone. When you suffer from fear of commitment, you notice that you want to distance yourself when someone else gets too close. That is why contacts with people with such fears always remain very superficial; no one can get through the proverbial walls.

People with a fear of commitment have few or no friends. They often do not enter into romantic relationships at all; after all, in a love relationship you have to get to know someone completely well. Of course, this does not mean that people with commitment anxiety don’t need relationships, friends, and love. However, the fear of binding is often too great, so they prefer to avoid such a thing.

What causes commitment anxiety?

Fear of commitment is experienced as very annoying and can completely hinder a social life. However, you don’t just have to deal with fear of commitment. People with this fear have usually experienced something when they were young. When the bonding with your parents or caregivers is not done properly at a young age, you can suffer later. After all, bonding is extremely important for a child. This affects how you interact with people in social relationships later on.

For example, did you receive too little attention in the past? Or was the environment in which you grew up not safe and warm? You can notice this when you are older. In some cases this manifests itself in fear of commitment; in other cases, you may experience separation anxiety or other social problems. For example, there are also people who trust other people less well because of this and therefore do not start relationships. Fear of commitment can also arise when you are a little older and when you have been in an unhealthy relationship for too long.

Symptoms of fear of commitment: what do you notice?

Fear of commitment has several symptoms. You may recognize one of the symptoms below or perhaps several.

  • You find it difficult to form a social relationship.
  • You’ve never been in a relationship.
  • Did you get into a relationship? In that case, such a relationship never lasts long.
  • You are often the one who ends or ends a relationship.
  • You are not likely to share personal feelings and emotions in a relationship.
  • A long relationship or a stable relationship gives you a tight feeling.

What can be done to deal with the fear of commitment?

While there are undoubtedly people who are fine with not being in a relationship (s), the majority of those with fear of commitment suffer from the disorder. One of the first steps to overcoming fear of commitment is to acknowledge that you are experiencing a problem. If you continue to insist that you are not bothered by anything, it will be difficult to do something about it. Then you look for the cause of the problem: is this something you can solve on your own? Or do you need outside help? It often helps to write down your problems and fears and set goals for yourself. Talk about it with others and learn about fear of commitment.

Many people with fear of commitment go to the psychologist to discuss certain issues from the past and link them to the fear. Together you will look for a suitable way with which you can work on your fear of commitment step by step. Are you already in a relationship and do you find that you find that difficult? Then look for a solution together. Always keep communicating and be honest about how you feel; no matter how difficult that is. A visit to a relationship counselor can be of great help to couples one of whom has a fear of commitment.

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