Great Advice for Your Home to Smell Nice

The indoor cocooning season is in full swing. And that means we want to make it as cozy as possible in every possible way. Ha wintery woolen plaids, cozy candles and delicious scents. We are happy to talk to you about the latter in scents and colors.

7 tricks to bring divine scents into your home

You know them, from those houses where there is always such a nice scent. One that you would prefer to tie around and take with you to your own habitat. It can be much simpler!

1- Baked food or its sweet smell

Get the beater, kitchen scales and other baking stuff ready. With this tip it becomes a breeze to get a nice scented house. Because let’s face it, what smells better than a freshly baked apple pie, bread or homemade granola? Divine scents assured throughout the house. Bakers ready? Bake!

2 – Fragrant flowers

Favorite scent of many: the floral scent of nature beauty. One that gives your mood a positive boost. Think of beautiful plants to colorful bloomers: orchids, geraniums, jasmine, lavender, (peony) roses and rosemary.

3 – Vacuum cleaner with detergent

Did you know … you can spread the wonderful scent of washing powder throughout the house with a vacuum cleaner? Vacuum up some nice smelling washing powder before tackling the room and you’re done!

4 – Charming scented candles

If you want the interior with extra cosiness at schmücken, you will soon end up with candles. Or even better: scented candles. Place them around the house and you will be continuously pleasantly surprised by the finest scents.

5 – Fragrances to a boil

The kitchen is the ideal place to create delicious scents that drift around the house. What you can do: bring a small pan with enough water to the boil. You can then add spices to your heart’s content. Our house favorites? Lavender, cinnamon or vanilla sticks.

6 – The trick with oranges

Do you still have some oranges and cloves in the kitchen? Then stick some cloves in the orange and hang it in the toilet as a natural air freshener. Nice and creative!

7 – On the scrub

Finally, a better-prevention-than-cure tip to look for in the corner of the sink. A place where unpleasant odors can often escape. Not necessary! Make sure it’s spick and span. For example, you can pour half a cup of baking soda down your drain to give it a fresh boost.

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