Is Anxiety Neurological or Psychological?

The Severity of the Anxiety Reflects Neurological Problems

If you have an anxiety problem and if you ever asked yourself “Is anxiety neurological or psychological?” Than you are in the right article!

In this article we will examine the psychological and neurological causes of anxiety problem. We cannot say that anxiety, that is, anxiety disorder, is not only caused by neurological reasons but also by psychological reasons alone. Our gene factor plays a key role here. As psychological effects can trigger some physical problems, they can force psychology in some physical problems. While our genes are encoded to provide protection in some cases, they do not interfere with external influences and enable the natural process to live.

If we ask our main question again: “Is anxiety neurological or psychological” Here is the new answer …

There are things that every person is afraid of, and this is normal. Fear causes us to be physically and mentally protected against dangers that may be exposed. This is involuntary. The discomfort we call Anxiety; it is the problem that fear can reach many sizes. Anxiety is the process of spreading unnecessary fear and panic throughout a lifetime. its like fears that have never been experienced or exposed to are overestimated and can be lived continuously. People with anxiety disease may find it difficult to concentrate due to excessive anxiety and may become overly angry. In such cases, somatic symptoms are observed and they sweat excessively. If a person has these symptoms, it can be said that he is an anxiety patient.


Is anxiety neurological or psychological? Its should be neurological and psychological too…

15% of the population has this disorder. They may be aware and want treatment or avoid treatment. Generalized anxiety disorder, panic anxiety disorder, specific phobia anxiety and social anxiety disorders are the most common disorders.

What Are The Factors That Leave Patients Vulnerable in Anxiety Disorders?

In clinical observations, it has been suggested that anxiety disorders may be inherited. In the general population, 6% of anxiety disorders are based on the gene factor inherited from the family. It would be wrong to consider anxiety entirely as a gene disorder. It can be caused by both social traumas that the person is exposed to in his / her life, and inside psychological reasons. Drug addiction, excessive alcohol consumption, parental problems, stressful work life, etc.

Neuroanatomical Differences That Occur During Stress

In general, anxiety disorders, prolonged and recurrent disturbances have been found to cause changes in certain brain structures that can be observed using neuroimaging. this situation becomes evident in childhood. In general anxiety disorders, a higher activity was observed in the contralateral prefrontal cortex.

Is anxiety neurological or psychological? We think we have clarified the answer to this question a little more in the above paragraph.

It is not possible to completely eliminate this disease with current type techniques. however, it is possible to minimize the symptoms of the disease by means of various medications. As the neuroimaging technique progresses, it may be possible to detect the root of the illness and to completely destroy it in the following periods.

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