Is it Possible to Look Weaker With a Haircut?

Yes! Some haircuts can make the face line thinner by creating an illusion with your cheeks. Those with a broad face line or people with more pronounced cheeks should pay close attention to the haircut. Instead of cutting the facial features, you should use haircuts that will contrast with the size of your opposite face.

Do you realize that some haircuts make you look overweight than you do? Girls who try different hairstyles and cuts know very well their weak-showing hairstyles. We can proudly say that we are one of them! Therefore, we have compiled hairstyles that will support us to look weak!

The hairstyles and hair color you use as well as the haircuts help make your face look thin. Now we share with you the haircuts and recommendations of hairstyles that will thin the face line. It is up to you to show your face weaker using these tips.

Haircut that makes you look weak

Short haircuts tend to make the face appear fatter. Therefore, you should think twice while cutting your hair short. Of the short haircuts, most bob haircuts make the face look thin. But if you have fine hair strands, short hair may not be suitable for you. Because thin hair looks faint, it can stick around your face, revealing your face and making it look fuller than it is.

Those with thick strands and hair should try the bob haircut. You can show your hair more voluminously by separating it from the side instead of removing it after cutting the bob.

We recommend using medium length haircuts

If you think your face is wider and chubby than your body, the ideal haircut for you will be medium length cuts. You should always use your hair voluminously. Bulky hair makes your face smaller

Gather your hair from above


We are sure that those who want to make their face look weaker know this tactic, but we want to go over it again. To make your face look thinner and weaker, you should definitely pull your hair up tightly. The high ponytail hairstyle puts up the face and creates a lifting effect. So your face looks much thinner and more dynamic.

Curly haircut that shows the face thin

Curly hair

If you have curly hair, your face will have little chance of looking chubby. In general, the face of curly hair looks very thin and petite. If you have curly hair, you can shorten your hair as much as you want. If you want to show your face weak, you can cut a fringe. When curly hair and bangs combine, your face will remain small.

Long haircut that makes you look slim

Long haircuts tend to always make the face look thinner, longer and thinner. If you have big cheeks, you can hide your cheeks by making a water wave. Beware of! The waves should not start at the bottom of the hair, but at the level of the ear, that is, right next to their cheeks. So your cheeks will hide better and your face will look thinner.

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