What Happens When You Go to Sleep With Make-up On

It’s late and all you want is to get to bed as soon as possible. Take off your make-up? That will come tomorrow. If you wake up the next morning with eyes like a panda bear, it starts to gnaw. Surely you should have taken a few minutes to clean your face? Dermatologist Claire Greenwich answers.

If there is one thing that every woman gets instilled in, it is never go to sleep wearing makeup. But what really happens when you sleep with make-up on? “That depends on the make-up you wear,” says Claire Greenwich, dermatologist at Maastricht UMC +. “If you only wear eye make-up, it can irritate your eyes and eyelids. If you use foundation all over your face, your pores can get clogged. This can cause troubled skin with pimples and red bumps, among other things. In addition, the skin is less able to recover at night. “

Impurities and Dull Skin

It’s a clear story. Sleeping with make-up on does not make your eyes and skin happy. It is actually very logical that it is important to clean your face at night. The skin is also called the first line of defense to the outside world. During the day and at night, your skin has to endure more than you probably think. Not only by wearing make-up, but also by stress, sunlight, sweat and exhaust fumes. Without you realizing it, this all accumulates and pollutes your skin. Greenwich: “If you clean your skin twice a day, you prevent the development of impurities and the appearance of dull and dull skin. Creams can also do their job better. ”

You don’t clean your skin enough with just a splash of water. “You cannot remove the dirty layer on your skin well enough with this,” Greenwich explains. “Water cannot properly dissolve grease particles such as tallow. You can compare it to washing dishes without detergent; the dishes are never sparkling clean. The same goes for your face. ” Cleansing wipes also do not clean your skin enough. “It seems easy and quick, but if you clean your face afterwards with a facial cleanser, a lot of dirt and make-up will come off. With cleansing wipes you often rub make-up over your face instead of actually removing it. ”

Water Soluble Facial Cleanser

But how do you clean your skin properly? It starts with cleaning your hands. You don’t want to get the bacteria that collect here during the day on your face. For the next step, the dermatologist recommends a water-soluble facial cleanser, also known as a cleanser. “Because you rinse it off with lukewarm water, you can be sure that your face is properly cleansed. Regular facial cleansers that you have to remove with a cotton ball often leave a lot of residue on the skin. A positive development in this are the micellar cleaning waters. Even though it looks like regular tap water, they usually contain nourishing ingredients. In addition, the addition of so-called micelles ensures that your skin is properly cleaned. If your skin does not feel dry and tight after using a facial cleanser and no grease film remains, then you know you have found the right product. ” Before buying a facial cleanser, always check the ingredients list. The milder a cleaner is, the better. This means that there are no soaps like sodium lauryl sulphate, perfume, powerful degreasers and substances like denatured alcohol.

And suppose you go to sleep with make-up on for a night after reading this article, does it make sense to clean your face extra well the next morning? “You can’t turn it back, but of course it is always better to do it right the next day and then take good care of your skin. It is still best to clean your face at night. Not only for your skin, but also for your pillowcase. ”

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