What is Dermaroller? Is it Really Beneficial for the Skin

What is Dermaroller

Dermaroller is a handheld device consisting of hundreds of titanium micro needles, which are sequentially placed around a cylindrical apparatus. These needles are 0.5 or 2 millimeters long and 0.1 millimeters in diameter. Since the needles used are titanium, they are stainless.

Dermaroller, which is one of the skin care methods that gives the best results without surgical intervention, is among the preference of both men and women with its fast and permanent results.

What Are the Benefits of Dermaroller?

  • Dermaroller is effective in eliminating the spots that occur after acne by preventing the formation of acne.
  • Provides shrinking pores of the skin to shrink.
  • It helps to heal the skin damaged by sun rays.
  • The application, which can be used for wrinkles and sagging in the neck and décolleté areas, also has a noticeable effect on cracks.
  • In addition to these problems, it is possible to use it in the treatment of warts.
  • The results are permanent. As the skin repairs itself in this treatment, it is not possible to return to it after a while.
  • It is effective on fine wrinkles. The quality of the skin increases thanks to the dermaroller.

For Which Regions Is Dermaroller Used?

  • Face
  • Body
  • Hair Area
  • Cellulite areas
  • It can be effective in under-eye areas.

It has been determined that quite satisfactory results were obtained with the applications.

Before Dermaroller Application

It is prepared ready for the requirements of Dermaroller application.

First of all, the makeup on your skin is very well here. It is also very important to start disinfecting the skin under cleansing. Contains pure hyaluronic acid to the area to carry out further processing.

How to Use a Dermaroller?

  • remove the dermaroller from its container
  • spray it with alcohol solution and wash with warm water to sterilize
  • prepare the skin for treatment with an antiseptic or saline wash
  • hold the skin taughtroll over each section, once up and down, once side to side, and once diagonally
  • bathe the skin with saline after the skin has reddened
  • spray the dermaroller with alcohol solution and wash with warm water to sterilize
  • leave the dermaroller to dry
  • put back in the storage case

When using the dermaroller on the face, a person should treat five sections of the face in turn. These sections are:

  • top right of forehead and cheek
  • top left of forehead and cheek
  • right under eye and lower cheek
  • left under eye and lower cheek
  • around the mouth

After using the dermaroller, a person can apply serums or moisturizers to their skin. The treatment is often used as a delivery system to maximize the effects of these lotions.

The application takes on average between half an hour and 45 minutes. The time varying according to the region starts to show a noticeable change between 1 and 3 hours. Synthesis of collagen and elastin is provided during the applied period. In addition to these applications, acceleration occurs in the blood circulation.

After Dermaroller Application

Dermaroller application is an application that must be done very carefully. After the application, the effects on the skin can be observed immediately. Skin self-renewal period begins quickly after this process.

After application with the device, a peptide mask is applied to the person. This mask has soothing properties.

Minor bleeding may occur in some sensitive areas. To the application area; Special creams are applied to ensure the renewal of the skin both during and after the application. Thanks to these applied creams, the needle is provided to have more effect.

It is necessary to stay away from sunlight for a while. Since openings occur in the pores of the skin, the sun rays damage these areas; If the person needs to go out, it is recommended to use 50 factors sun cream.

Is Dermaroller a Painful Application?

Dermaroller application may cause some pain in the first place; however, in the second sessions, the sensation of pain decreases and passes completely. If the practitioner continues to feel pain and annoys. Applied creams are applied, and people who apply it completely eliminate the feeling of pain.

Dermaroller Contraindications

Although Dermaroller is a treatment with high success rate, it cannot be applied in some cases.

  • Cancer patients
  • People who have received chemotherapy
  • It should not be applied to people who have previously preferred to apply and have a scar on their body.
  • Psoriasis patient
  • During pregnancy and lactation,
  • It is also not recommended for those using contraceptives. People who want to practice should pay attention to these situations and prefer to practice.


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